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Assistant Editor, contributor

‘History is a bottomless reservoir of all the bonkers, heroic, awful and weird things we eccentric humans have ever done. We can’t help generating extraordinary stories… Most importantly, like all the best stories, they are true.’ – Dan Snow

Published September 2023, Hodder & Stoughton

A deep dive into the series' bloody history. (Critical retrospectives of all mainline games in the franchise, printed over 8 pages.)

PC Gamer, Issue 389, December 2023

Now Playing: Napoleon Total War

Through my clicks and taps I embody the general himself. It's April, 1796, and I've assumed control of a stalled invasion of Northern Italy aimed at Vienna.

PC Gamer UK, Issue 389, December 2023

Preview: The Finals

Where most shooters glue our eyes to the iron sights, The Finals has us scouring the world for opportunities to traverse, transform and weaponise it.

Edge, Issue 383, May 2023

The Long Game: Red Dead Online

Like all service games, Red Dead Online was made to be without an end. But did it ever begin?

Edge, Issue 383, May 2023

GTA Online's Taxi Mode is the Dreary Job I'd Been Waiting For 

The new mode gives license to play the pared-back GTA I always enjoyed: one focused on the pleasure of its physically responsive driving. Hopping in a cab is a chance to listen to the new music added to the game over the last few years, as well as the nostalgic tunes I enjoyed a decade ago. These pleasant diversions were all I ever sought when I first stepped into Rockstar's counterfeit California.

PC Gamer UK, Issue 383, June 2023

Discovering the Joy of Joinery in A Plague Tale: Requiem's Wooden World

Since first stepping onto the streets of A Plague Tale: Requiem's interpretation of 14th century Provence, I've made a habit of spotting its surprisingly detailed woodwork, which has me wondering whether Asobo's environment artists moonlight as carpenters.

PC Gamer UK, Issue 382, May 2023

Hunting Practical Pleasures in House Flipper

After sweeping up the sawdust from the renovation of my real life home, I was left with an enthusiasm for Japanese power tools and a craving to craft something. I'm reluctant to retrain as a carpenter, so I went to where I usually go for escapist pleasures: my PC.

PC Gamer UK, Issue 373, September 2022

Now Playing: OlliOlli World's Void Riders DLC

I bought a skateboard recently. OK, I bought two. And OlliOlli World is to blame. 

PC Gamer UK, Issue 375, November 2022

The human brain is fallible. Which is exactly what gives social deduction games their voltage.

WIRED, March 12, 2021. Read it online.

Answering the call of the sea.

Atlas Obscura, November 25, 2019. Read it online.

Revisiting a multiplayer masterpiece 20 years on

Rock Paper Shotgun, November 28, 2019. Read it online.

Game designers explain how and why they adapt their personal experiences into video games

Six-page feature in Wireframe issue 21. Snipped here. Read it online.

'We meet the developers who let us play among ruins, and find out why devastated cities and broken architecture are such a familiar sight in games.'

A six-page feature in Wireframe issue 11, read it here.

Into the Spine

With Through the Darkest of Times, Berlin-based developer Paintbucket Games are challenging politics-free representations of Nazis in video games. I spoke with studio co-founder Jörg Friedrich to see how.

An original sleuthing experience, enlivened by enthusiasm for the ancient world.

Wireframe, October 2021. Read it in issue #55.

A short game with joyous PSone graphics, simple yet nail-biting stealth, and a wonderful punching ability.

Wireframe, September 2021. Read it in issue #54.

The short story inside this metal-detecting game needs fresh batteries.

Wireframe, August 2021. Read it in issue #53.

It’s a KO. A perfect lunchbreak kind of game.

Wireframe, August 2021. Read it in issue #53.

A compelling brawler, but what's good is slim and the rest lacks spark.

Wireframe, June 2021. Read it in issue #51.

A point-and-click with evocative world building and a syrupy story.

Wireframe, March 2021. Read it in issue #48.

A tactics game about resistance fighters on the Eastern Front.

Wireframe, January 25, 2021. Read online or in issue #46.

A superb, beguiling distillation of the sport that’s more sim than Sega Rally.

Wireframe, December 7, 2020. Read online or in issue #45.

Troy’s experimental mechanics and narrative approach make it noteworthy, though its deeds fall short of excellence.

Wireframe, November 18, 2020. Read online or in issue #44.